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Corvus Review

There’s a monster in your room and you can’t fight it anymore – you know he’s there.

It will start in the closet, small noises keeping you awake at night, an uneasiness you can’t quite shake. You’ll see small flickers of him right before you turn the light on, too quick to know for sure. A shadow that suddenly disappears, one that could’ve just been the way you hung your shirt. The only evidence a scratch inside the door and the matted down carpet.

You’re always better safe than sorry. You’ll leave a chair propped up in front of the closet door, tell yourself it’s because you’re too lazy to drag it back to where it came from. But the problem is never the monster in your closet, hidden away behind your dresses and desperate to never be found out. The problem is when your monster can’t hide anymore, when it doesn’t want to. The problem is when you awake in the middle of the night, your closet door ajar and your monster growing more daring.

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